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Top 6 Ways to use Social Media in Travel Physical Therapy

Recently, I was featured in PT Pintcast’s series “6 Pack of Answers.” Follow and subscribe Jimmy McKay’s blog here.  

Connect with the best recruiters and be open to chatting with them via messenger. We know it is hard to have a 15 minute conversation right away.  Messaging is a great way to talk basics and even schedule a good time to talk.Join groups regarding travel therapy to gain information about how travel works. This will give perspectives from both travelers and recruiters.Post blogs about your experiences. Blogs are a great way to show why you chose travel therapy and to be a de facto scrapbook of sorts.Post your gorgeous travel pictures with the world. Want to make your old college friends and exes jealous?  Throw up a picture hiking Pike’s Peak or hitting up the beach!Create a business page for your therapy services. This is a great way to brand you as an expert in your field.  You can throw up videos of exercises so your patients can refer to it and things of that nature.Keep your LinkedIN profile up to date. This is basically your online resume.  Show off who you are and what skills you have!

What are some other ways you use social media in Travel Physical Therapy?  Comment below!

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