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Top 3 Ways to Land the Best Job After Passing Boards

Congratulations!  You just passed the NPTE/NBCOT!  The hours of clinical rotations and diligent study time have finally paid dividends.  A weight is lifted off your shoulders.  Now what?

There are many students out there that are fortunate enough to be able to find work prior to taking boards.  But, for others, the job search continues.  Here are a few options to help you in your search.

Circle back around with your clinical sites.  Who knows you better than the folks you worked with during your clinical rotations?  They have seen you in action, albeit before you were full trained.  Give them a shout and see if they are hiring.

Hit the job boards and social media.  Many employers have their job postings listed on popular job boards like or any of the sort.  Yes, you will have to do a ton of separate applications.  But, it may be worth the time.  Also, get those LinkedIN profiles up to date and search for openings.

Work with a recruiter.  This is the best option in my opinion!  Though many employers post their jobs online, about 2/3 of jobs available are not posted.  Those facilities work with staffing agencies to fill their positions.  You will have the option to work as a full time employee or even a travel therapist.  We do all the leg work for you in the job hunt.  Plus, you only have to do one application to be considered for multiple job prospects.

Have questions about working with a recruiter?  Comment below or message me!

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