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About me

Hi!  I’m Louis.  Welcome!  I believe you are reading my bio for a reason!  Working with me is just simply meant to be.


I have been helping healthcare professionals find amazing jobs for 10 years now!  


I am a Senior Account Manager for Triage Staffing, who is recognized as one of the best in the entire industry.  We have been named the #`1 BEST TRAVEL AGENCY in all categories by Gypsy Nurse.  Our team's core values are honesty, integrity, and tenacity.  You can ensure we are the best fit for you and are always looking out for you!

I am happily married to my childhood sweetheart with 4 kiddos!  I love God.  I am a musician and play bass guitar for my church's worship team.  I love my Nebraska Cornhuskers. I love mountains, oceans, and all things travel.  But, admittedly I have only been to about 22 states (including airports)…this guy needs to get out and see more of the world!  But, hey, maybe I could live vicariously through you?

Let’s connect!  Feel free to friend me on Facebookcall me, or email me.

Why work with me?

Travel therapy is a journey.  It's a journey that can be full of misinformation as well as "bait and switch" tactics played by bad recruiters. 


Please allow me to be your travel sherpa, if you will.   


One thing you will come to learn about me is that I truly care about all of my travelers.  My goal is to make your assignment smooth from the beginning to the end by being available to you at any time and taking care of any issues immediately.

If you aren't happy, I'm not happy.

I am also very honest and forthcoming.  I work very hard to usher in an atmosphere of trust and transparency with every traveler with whom I work. 

There will be no pushy sales tactics with me.  I give the facts and let you run the show.  


I may not be the best fit for everyone, but I hope to be a good fit for you! 

Click here to give me a shot
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