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What is Travel Healthcare?

“What is travel healthcare?” you ask.

Travel healthcare can be considered one of the most rewarding options there is in the field.  Among the top reasons to consider is the sheer experience of seeing our great country, to impact the lives of many patients in your assignments, you’ll earn more money, and get a chance to work with many therapists to help develop your career.

This is an opportunity of a lifetime.  As the kids these days say, YOLO.

So, you’re ears perked up–you’re interested.  Where do you go from here?  What is travel therapy all about anyway?  Let’s start with the basics.

  • Travel assignments are generally 13-26 weeks in length and are designed to help cover patients at a facility

  • While on assignment, your travel company will be your employer.  They process your payroll, provide benefits, and essentially facilitate your entire assignment.  

  • Housing is provided (amount varies) and you have 2 options.  

    • You can receive this tax free stipend in your check to find your own housing

    • Some travel companies can typically find it for you.  

  • A food stipend is also provided–the amount varies.

  • We provide license reimbursement once you work in that state

  • Your travel expenses will be reimbursed to and from your assignment

  • Benefits vary from company to company.  Ask me about our benefits today!

There you have it.

Now that you have the basics figured out, it’s time to choose a travel company.  I recommend starting with us!

For more information please feel free to call me, message me on Facebook, or email me.

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