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FAQ FRIDAY - Housing

Q: Is the cost of housing covered? Is housing provided or do I find it myself?

A: Yes, the cost of housing is covered in every travel assignment. Please remember, in order for an assignment to be considered a "travel" your assignment location must be outside of a commutable distance from your tax home. There is no specific number, but you cannot commute to work and back home everyday.

Assuming you meet this criteria, you are provided a housing stipend in your pay package. These amounts vary from area to area and cannot exceed the maximum GSA rates that are set. Generally, you are paid the housing stipend in your check weekly.

In most cases, travelers elect to use that stipend and arrange their own housing accommodations. If you choose to do so, you would set up the lease, pay any applicable deposits, and be responsible for the rent being paid. This option is popular because if you can find housing that costs less than the stipend given, you can pocket the leftover money.

You can find good housing contacts through a variety of different sources. Most commonly used are Air BNB, Craigslist, and various Facebook groups (Gypsy Nurse Housing, etc).

The other option is for the travel company to arrange housing for you. Not every company does this. Our company does have an extensive list of housing contacts with which we can help you.

What questions do you have about travel therapy? Comment below!

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