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FAQ FRIDAY - Working with Multiple Companies

Q: Should I work with multiple companies? How do I go about it?

A: With so many companies in the industry, it can be hard to narrow down who to work with. Understandably, many decide to partner with a multiple travel companies to find positions. Other companies may discourage it, but I won’t go so far to say that. There are some, like our company, that have options others simply do not! You just have to know how to navigate the waters!

That said, the most important thing to do is keep in good communication with everyone with whom you choose to work. If you are submitted to a job by “Company A”, make sure to tell “Company B” that you are submitted. In addition, inform all parties of everything happening including interviews and offers. If you end up accepting a job with “Company A”, make sure to tell “Company B” so they know to cancel the search temporarily. It’s also imperative to make sure all companies know not to submit you with out your explicit permission--unless you want someone to submit you to any and all options.

Additionally, it is not a good practice to take an offer you get with one company to another to attempt to get higher pay. This could certainly burn bridges and create a bad reputation for yourself. We all work very work hard to find clients. Now, if more than one company tells you about the same job, I suggest allowing the first company to submit you. First come, first serve– right? But, ultimately it’s up to you on how you decide who gets to submit you.

What questions do you have about travel?

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