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FAQ FRIDAY - Is Travel Right for Me?

Q: Is travel healthcare the right decision for me?

A: This is a very complicated question to answer! There is not one blanket answer for everyone. Here are a few things to consider!

First and foremost, you must think about what your life would be like living outside of your hometown or current city. This may seem obvious to some. But, could you function in your assignment knowing you might be thousands of miles away from your parents, friends, and loved ones?

Ask yourself: are you an outgoing person that can make friends wherever you go or does the thought make you anxious?

The reality of travel is that you will be away from home for months at a time. There may be times where you don’t step foot back home for a year or more!

Second, are you flexible regarding your desired setting and location? Of course it is definitely okay to have preferences! Currently the travel healthcare market is great. But, the amount of travel jobs can fluctuate. So, if you prefer working in a big city, you may need to work in a rural area if travel options in a city aren’t available. If that happens, are you willing to bite the bullet to keep traveling? The ideal traveler is simply flexible and goes with the flow.

Finally, consider why you want to travel. There are many great things about taking travel assignments. There is a chance to see locations you may never have had an opportunity to visit and you can care for patients that would otherwise not receive treatment. Can your “why” behind travel keep you going when things get tough and you get lonely? Having a strong “why” will keep you rooted in travel healthcare!

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