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FAQ FRIDAY - Benefits

Q: What benefits do I get as a traveler?

A: If you work over 30 hours per week during a travel assignment, your hours are considered full time. As such, you qualify for full time benefits with your travel company. Benefits vary from company to company, but will relatively be the same types between companies. So, remember to look at other factors when choosing companies in which to partner–especially the recruiter.

Listed below are the benefits with Triage Staffing and are subject to change in 2024

Health Insurance, Dental, and Vision

You are eligible to enroll on Day 1. There is a 2 week grace period in between contracts with us. Contact me for specifics regarding premiums and insurer.


You are eligible to contribute to our 401(k) plan immediately. Your contributions are vested immediately. We start matching after you work with us for a total of 1 year and 1,000 hours worked total. We can match up to 4% of your income.


We reimburse for a variety of expenses including:

  • State license: we reimburse for the full cost of licensure once you work in that said state

  • Travel expenses: we reimburse for expenses to and from your assignment

  • CEUs: we reimburse up to $300 per year

  • Miscellaneous expenses: if you have any job related expenses (i.e. CPR card) let your recruiter know. We care about our travelers and are willing to dip into our part of the bill rate to help you take care of professional expenses.

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