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5 Things You Need to Collect While on Assignment

Updated: May 21, 2019

Travel healthcare is an exciting adventure.  One can see and work in every single state if they so desire.  There are sights to see and new things to experience.

The memories will last forever, but it can sometimes be difficult to find a way to reflect on those times when all is said and done.

Collecting items is a great way to commemorate your travel days.  So, let’s talk about a few things, other than social media, that will surely bring you back to the times, and places that travel therapy afforded you.


Every rock is unique and unlike any other.  Gorgeous designs on them will leave you pondering how in the world it was created.  Rocks are free and relatively easy to transport.  One trick I have heard is to write the name of the state on the rocks themselves.


Magnets are one of the most frequently collected items by travelers.  They are inexpensive and can easily be placed on various items around your living space.  In addition they are available anywhere from airports to malls.  Stick ’em on the fridge and look at all the places you visited!


Sure, in this day and age everyone is using GPS.  Maps may not be used as often, but there is just something about pointing out where you were on a map that helps you envision that experience.

Coffee mugs

Who doesn’t need a good coffee mug?  As you enjoy your morning cup of Joe, reflect on the friends you made, the hikes you went on, and all that you did.


Postcards have been around a long time and have not lost their popularity.  They are easily accessible in most grocery stores and gas stations.  Try writing a small note of what you did in that location and send it back to yourself!  It can act as a diary for later reflecting!

What do you collect while on assignment?  Comment below!

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