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4 Big Mistakes to Avoid in a Contract Interview

Imagine this, if you would. You finally made the decision to travel as a therapist. Excitement is flowing through you. Your recruiter calls you to say they found you the perfect job; let’s say a 13-week assignment in Hawaii!

The Director of Rehab calls you for a phone interview. You feel it went well, but then you get word that they decided to hire someone else.

“What did I do wrong?” you ask yourself feeling distraught.

As a recruiter, I have aided in the interview process with many candidates over the past 4 years. In that time, I have identified 4 common mistakes often made during an interview that cause some Directors to move on.

Selling yourself short. It’s okay to brag during your interview! Do not focus on what you cannot do. Instead, articulate what makes you a great clinician and why they would benefit from bringing you on board. Create confidence that you can contribute quickly!

Lack of enthusiasm. In any organization, culture is a crucial part of it’s success. Directors want to make sure you will positively affect their culture. Let your personality shine through the phone. Show that you are genuinely excited to work for them!

Sharing too much personal information. It is a fantastic idea to connect with your interviewer, but remember there is a line you should not cross. Talk about your kids, pets, interests, or other safe topics that come up. Use common sense to navigate these waters.

Not asking for the job. You have not because you ask not. If you want the job, do not be afraid to ask for it at the end of the interview. Try phrases like “If there are no other questions, when can I start?” and “Can I expect an offer?”

Follow these tips and you are sure to rock your interview! Please keep in mind that there is competition for every job and you may not be selected for every single job in which you interviewed. Use each interview as an opportunity to get better.

What other tips and tricks would you suggest for interviewing? Comment below!

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