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FAQ FRIDAY - Crisis Jobs

Q: What is a crisis position? What should I know about them?

A: A crisis position is somewhat similar to a normal travel healthcare contract position. Like a travel job, it is a temporary assignment to fill an urgent need at a facility. You generally will work full time hours. You will also likely have the same general terms of the contract.

However, the situation you are entering will be entirely different. Crisis jobs are created because of a catastrophic event or epidemic such as the current COVID-19 situation.

Other than that, the main major difference between a normal contract and a crisis position is the pay. Crisis positions generally will pay double or triple what a normal contract pays. The thought process is to pay enough to offset the risk associated as well as incentivize healthcare professionals to help.

The pay does seem glamorous, but before you accept a crisis position you should prepare yourself in a few different ways.

First, please know that due to the elevated rate for these jobs, these positions will be the first to be terminated when the facility is no longer in crisis and returns to normal.

Second, you should evaluate your current life situation. Are you thinking of leaving a full-time job to help temporarily or were you wanting to jump into travel healthcare beforehand? In my opinion, it’s best to take these crisis jobs if you were already planning to find contract work. That way, whenever the crisis job comes an end, we’ll find you the next travel job!

Then, consider what you are doing for housing. Because crisis contracts can be short-lived, it’s best to either utilize hotels, extended stay hotels, or month-to-month leases if possible. You don’t want to be caught paying for housing if you have to leave early.

Also, it is also important to have a financial nest egg. While, it may be unlikely, you do want to have some cash if your contract is cancelled or ended early.

Lastly, please remember you must be flexible while you are there. Truthfully, you may not even know where you are what area in which you are assigned until you get to work every day. It’s very important to remember you are there to help in any way possible.

Are you interested in a crisis job? Send an inquiry here.

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